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    2003 | 4 min. | 16mm | colour | no dialogue

    16mm Image, Treatments & Editing: Joost van Veen
    Music: LIANA FLU WINKS ;
    Cello, Bass, Organ, Voice, etc. : Nina Hitz
    Drums, Bass, Guitar, Voice, etc. : Wilf Plum
    Guitars, Ukulele, Voice, etc. : Lukas Simonis

    The origins of this lie in the ‘Liana Celluloid’ project, a collaboration between Liana Flu Winks and various film makers (Joost van Veen and Martha Colburn among others) in which, for once, the music came before the film, rather than the other way round.

    Each number is like a short film, with its own atmosphere, plot development and dénouement.
    The music is multifarious, with a light touch of lo-fi (which nowadays refers less to recording on an old cassette machine with a broken Phillips microphone and more to a method of mixing and mastering that doesn’t use much compression or radically alter the sound of what was originally played).
    Genres; Blaxploitation, Cult & Horror, Expensive Abstract Art, Cheap Soapy Trash, Rockumentary, Baroque Dub, Fake Documentaries. Etc

    De Filmbank

    Celluloid’ tour june 2003;
    june 7; Terneuzen, kalashnikov
    june 13; Rotterdam; De Player
    june 14; Amsterdam Occi
    june 15; Nijmegen Onderbroek
    juni 21; Groningen ORK
    june 22; Utrecht ACU
    june 28; Den Haag Garage
    june 30; Eindhoven Burgers