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    Sound & Music: Petar Doundakov
    Video Image, Projections & (live) Manipulations: Joost van Veen
    Expanded Cinema Performance

    The city is a moving and breathing organism just like ourselves. We can experience only the centre where
    we stand and breath as the centre of the universe.
    In the performance we travel from outside the earth towards the individual and the city who are interwoven
    and in constant dialogue and conflict with each other and we dive through them.

    ME / THE CITY is about atmosphere, hypnosis, micro versus macro, system versus chaos, organic versus
    an-organic, textures and topographies.

    Art Gallery, Ruse, Bulgaria, September 2012
    Night of museums and galleries, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, September 2014
    Radar Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, August 2015