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    2012 | 60min | 5 x videoprojection

    Concept en choreography: Liat Magnezy
    Performers: Katarzyna Sitarz, Evelyne Rossie, Ana Ladas,
    Ulas Aksunger, Murat Gunduz
    Video Projections: Joost van Veen
    Dramaturg: Hans Timmerman
    Costumes: Myrthel Jackson
    Production: Dance Motion Picture
    Thanks: Valentina Lacmanovic, Julia Snikkers, Edwin Spek, Saskia Meulendijks,
    Berend Dikkers, Ilona Wameling, Richard Kok
    This production is made possible by: Gemeente Schiedam,Stedelijk Museum Schiedam,
    Elise Mathilde Fonds, Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen e.o., Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Ruimte in Beweging

    Silent Spin is a location project composed for the 400 years jubilee of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey. It is a migrating performance about a metaphorical meeting between cultures, bringing Turkish transitional music and dance forms in a contemporary Dutch context and questioning what this context might be.

    The performance  took place in the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October 2012. Because of its success the performance was repeated on 12 January 2013.