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    The 3d of December 2010 I followed a workshop in WORM.filmwerkplaats. The workshop
    was about ¬†THOUGHTOGRAPHY and was guided by Kathrin¬†G√ľnter.
    One of the reasons I wanted to take part is because of the project MUMLER that I’m working on at the moment
    with my collective FACES. This project is about  the life and work of William H. Mumler,
    one of the first spirit-photographers.

    In the workshop I did some experiments with celluloid and black gaffer tape. In the darkroom I taped the celluloid around my fingers with three layers of black gaffer tape and after about four hours I removed the tape and developed the small strips of 16mm celluloid.
    In the picture under here you can see one of them.
    I’m¬†pretty¬†flabbergasted ¬†about the result. What happened here?
    I’m open to thoughts about energies, spirits, auras etc. ¬†but not 100%¬†convinced about
    their existence. Somebody has an explanation about this picture? Please e-mail me!
    The word that came out of my mouth when I saw it the first time was “Vaag”
    I’m really happy with what ever created it and will be¬†challenging¬†¬†more experiments.

    Cosmos here I am!